Growth hormone effect on the role of fat in nitrogen metabolism

Barbara Katorski, Patrick F. Delaney, Paul F. Fenton


Nitrogen balance of mice was affected adversely when they received protein and a carbohydrate-fat mixture at different times of day. Administration of growth hormone overcame this adverse effect, although in the dosage employed the hormone had no measurable effect when protein and carbohydrate-fat were administered simultaneously. In other experiments we showed that fat feeding reduced the loss of nitrogen. Administration of fat and growth hormone (in a dose which by itself was ineffective) reduced the nitrogen loss to minimal levels. In animals which had previously become adapted to high-fat rations, fat showed a large nitrogen-sparing action which could not be further enhanced by growth-hormone treatment. The data suggest that one function of growth hormone is to speed adaptation to efficient fat utilization which is reflected in nitrogen retention.

  • nitrogen balance
  • fat metabolism